Don’t Let Him Slap You, KG!


A crushing loss for me and my fellow Chelsea supporters yesterday, going down on penalties 6-5. While some may argue it was John Terry’s blown penalty that would have won it, you can’t blame him too much because he kept out a goal earlier. However, Didier Drogba, who has bitched all season after the firing of the beloved Jose Mourinho, is the real culprit. Drogba didn’t show up all game. Until this:

That’s a right, a weak cheek slap. Vidic violently grabs Drogba’s arms, and Drogba weakly retaliates. Now, you just don’t hit someone, you’re going to get sent off. But ask yourself, which action would you prefer to have done to you?

Manchester certainly seemed to have the Duke Men’s Basketball bias all game. For this equation however it went, Respected manager+historic team+well regarded English players= Did Makalele literally just get a yellow card for doing nothing but getting in Paul Scholes’ way?

Regardless, Man U created more chances, and if it weren’t for the unmatched skill of Petr Cech, the game would have been over long before penalties. Congratulations to the champions, good luck next year, and don’t fire Avram Grant!

Update: As is so common these days, YouTube removed the video of Drogba slapping Vidic. In a related story, ESPN can kiss my ass–its not like they were going actually use that video to make money

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