Stress of Campaign Causes MoDo to Go Loco (Loca)


Maureen Dowd has easily my favorite NY Times regular Op-Ed. Much to the chagrin of conservatives, sexists, feminists, and liberal intellectuals, she has been right be about this election from almost the beginning.

Frank Rich, arguably now the most famous of the elite media personalities, has basically been pushing a fairy tale in which there is no way Democrats can lose. David Brooks, who is supposed to be intelligent, gave rave reviews to the Flag Pin debate–I guess its hard being a conservative at the best paper in the world, so you have to reach for something. Paul Krugman, a Princeton economics professor, apparently can’t do math, because he’s decided to continue his support for Hillary. And as for Bill Kristol, well, you know the newspaper business is in trouble when they start reaching out to the glorified Ann Coulter‘s of the world.

Maureen Dowd’s columns are refreshing, bold, and generally very well written. However, today it has become clear that she’s lost her fucking mind, because she just made some sort of cracked out attempt at parody. The best passage:

“Bill and I don’t need your Netroots arugula moolah. We don’t need your stinking $20 donors. We’ve got Burkle, the Saudis, the Kuwaitis and Kazakh uranium loot on tap.”

“Settle down, Hillary. What if I let you write the health care plank in the party platform?”

“Wow, you’re so-o-o generous. Can I also write the plank on switchgrass?”

“I switched from grass a long time ago.”

“Listen, rookie, we’re gonna have to share this thing.”

“Fine, you can have the 3 a.m. shift on the White House switchboard.”

“Oh, you’re so witty with all your stupid rallies with 75,000 people and spending $100 million on ads to promote one puny word: Change. I’ve made sacrifices in this campaign. While you’ve been fake-eating and losing weight, I’ve had to stuff myself with all that greasy working-class junk food and chase it with Boilermakers.”

“What about me? I’ve come from nowhere, with a single mother on food stamps and a funny name.”

“Oh, you’re so inspiring. For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.”

Source: NY Times Full Article:

Is this the price we must pay for Hillary’s candidacy? Intelligent media personalities losing their damn mind? It’s just not worth it!

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