Nomination #2 for stupidest thing said about Clinton’s failure


Geraldine Ferraro is an unrepentant idiot. That was already proved during the course of this campaign, but of course, she’s back with something even dumber

The dumbest passage:

Women are looking at how this has gone on. He just — after one of the — she mentioned after Philadelphia — before Philadelphia, she had gone out and learned to shoot a gun. He ridiculed her, who does she think — like stand-up comedian, walking up and down with the mike – who does she think she is, Annie Oakley? And when something else was said about the campaign, this thing, flicking it off, diminishing her. Sorry. That’s not done. Women don’t like that. (Source: Huffington Post)

Ahh yes, the Jay-Z reference. You know, the one where he specifically says “Ladies is pimps too, Go on brush your shoulders off. Maybe Ferraro found it offensive because she thought Obama was telling her to take off her 80s shoulder pads. And the Annie Oakley thing? Hillary Clinton was anti-gun all her political life until everyone misinterpreted Obama’s comments.

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