O’Reilly: Unleashed?


Howard Kurtz writes an article this morning on the possibility that election stealer and Fox News executive Roger Ailes will “unleash” his “attack dog” Bill O’Reilly on NBC’s parent company GE. O’Reilly has complained in the past that GE has helped “kill Americans in Iraq” because they do business with Iran. Then O’Reilly criticized most of the known world for buying Iranian oil, which helps the Iranians more than GE ranges and microwaves. No, no, that would have been logical.

GE is no good guy. Their policies have hurt the environment and at times even poisoned people by means of pollution. However, their attacks on conservative politics via Olbermann is a bit, well Vaderesque (the clip is stupid, but you get the point). One evil condemning another, and maybe it will have a happy ending?

The idea of “unleashing” O’Reilly is a bit ridiculous, especially in the week after this:

You’d think Ailes would be more careful about the words he chooses. To be fair, maybe Ailes is referring to the 2005 Jet Li movie Unleashed, in which Jet Li acts like some kind of autistic martial arts master that violently freaks out on people when his electronic behavioral collar is taken off. Before you go thinking I may be on to something, I remind you three important distinctions:

1) Jet Li is 5’6,” over 40, and can dunk a basketball. O’Reilly is 6’4,” over 40, and most certainly cannot dunk.

2) Despite his hugely successful career, Jet Li remains very humble and hardworking. O’Reilly is a pompous ass who just reads off Republican talking points.

3) Jet Li is not a falafel fucker.

So what then is the point of “unleashing” O’Reilly? Was he being held back before?

It’s good for business. An honest look at the entire situation would show that Olbermann, who is very articulate and seems very bright, is not exactly a renowned journalist. Before 2002, just about the biggest story he covered was this:

Olbermann was seemingly brought in as a left wing foil for O’Reilly, and to try to steal some of the circus crowd away from the Factor. He has, and though his numbers are rising, he is still not near the Factor’s ratings. O’Reilly sees this as the weakness of left wing ideology to captivate people–the reality is probably that the left wing is getting more of their news from the internet, and the right wing would rather sit back and hear it from a righteous white man who stands up for their values.

The result is a media marketing side show that ends up playing into electoral politics and decisions. To think someone could be casting their vote based on a marketing strategy by a network and not by an examination of policy is disheartening, but it is now a reality of American politics.

Bonus Jet Li ass kicking action from Unleashed:

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