Nomination for the stupidest thing said about Clinton’s Failure…


As noted by almost everyone but the Clinton campaign, Clinton’s nomination prospects are certainly winding down. So, thus I may begin a series on the stupidest things said about why Hillary failed. This quote may mark the first in the series, and it will be hard to beat:

Cynthia Ruccia, 55, a sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics in Columbus, Ohio, is organizing a group, Clinton Supporters Count Too, of mostly women in swing states who plan to campaign against Mr. Obama in November. “We, the most loyal constituency, are being told to sit down, shut up and get to the back of the bus,” she said. (NY Times)

Just so we’re all clear, Barack Obama is black. And as little refresher on history, black people were told for years to sit at the back of the bus, until one of them famously decided that she didn’t want to. Not to take anything away from feminist struggles (they did technically get the right to vote after blacks, but voter suppression was arguably worse for blacks well into 1960s), but legally no one had it worse than blacks (well, almost). Also, 88% of blacks voted Democrat in the 2004 election, while only 51% of women did. I don’t know if this comment is racist, heavily misguided, or just propaganda, but it is certainly really really stupid.

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