McCain Joins Operation Chaos; Hillary Freaks Out (Somewhere Off Camera)


John McCain made an appearance on SNL this weekend, which is starting to seem more and more like a drunken Meet the Press dress rehearsal. First of all, upon Seth Meyers announcing his arrival, the audience cheered.

What. The. F.

This is a show that is supposed to be watched by young, hip people (who apparently have nothing better to do on a Saturday night). One would assume the people in the audience would fall into the same demographic. Unless SNL pulled some sort of silent Oprah move and flashed a sign that said “You’re winning a car!” or “Amy Poehler decided to take her meds tonight!” there is no reason for that applause. He and his policies are killing people our age, his tax plans are going to destroy the middle class and make college more expensive; the guy would basically destroy even our shitty health care as we know it by essentially leaving us to fend for ourselves with the insurance companies, as he’s going to penalize employee based insurance. Unless you’re rooting for the apocalypse, this guy deserves no more than a golf clap.

McCain then goes on to tell a series of jokes about how he wants the Democratic Primary to continue. I guess he just couldn’t contain himself; all cracked out on straight talk, I’m sure his tolerance is low because he certainly hasn’t been doing a lot of it recently. Anyway, we’ve all seen Republicans echo Rush Limbaugh before. We’ve even seen it the other way around, with Rush hopping on Cindy McCain’s pill popping band wagon. (That’s the type of cheap shot we may need to be taking by the way, 527s take notice. If the Republicans want to talk about other candidates’ wives, it certainly might do good to do a little talking back.)

Still, its surprising to see him play his hand that much–Last night he told the American people that voting for Hillary was helping him. It may have taken awhile, but it seems like everyone’s caught on. The media decided this race was too much for them to kill off after the Potomac primaries, and so Hillary received more positive converage. Now after winning by 40 (in the state with worst dental health in the nation–they may be “hardworking americans, white americans” but their toothbrushes aren’t hardworking and their teeth aren’t white), she is struggling for air–literally.

Between this episode and Bush’s little “appeasement” speech in Israel (I think the level of pandering there is what caused Ted Kennedy’s seizure), the Republicans are really overplaying their hand. For the first time, it almost seems like the Dems may have an Ace up their sleeve. Although, if they need to play it, things have already gone horribly wrong.

One Response to “McCain Joins Operation Chaos; Hillary Freaks Out (Somewhere Off Camera)”

  1. 1 Mark Stoneman

    I was surprised by McCain making two appearances in the same episode, but given all the attention Obama and Clinton have got, I suppose it was fair. Besides, McCain also has a history with SNL. He hosted the show some time back, and did a good job.

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