Dos Equis: The Fox News of Beers


Dos Equis has launched a new ad campaign–I guess when Corona has the majority of your market share, you have to keep your image fresh and ever changing. So why is Dos Equis deciding to change the course by staying the course?

The ad blitz–first noticed by myself in the subway yesterday, but I’m sure those more inclined to Real World watching probably saw it first–features an old man, supposed amongst a bunch of hip young people. I guess this is some sort advertising foreshadowing. The commercials being run on TV show the old man–supposedly the most interesting man in the world, blabbing about all the shit he used to do. If this is starting to sound familiar, watch until the end of the commercial

That’s right, MY FRIENDS. As in:

This man is some sort of McCain surrogate, some more exotic version of the man, some guy that has pretty good taste in beer. Is the McCain campaign backing this in some secretive deal? Is this why McCain has been accused of violating campaign finance laws? Is this why McCain was more liberal on illegal Mexican immigration than his Republican comrades? So many questions.

But one huge question: What happened to their Obama endorsement?

2 Responses to “Dos Equis: The Fox News of Beers”

  1. 1 John Trent

    Thanks to the “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign, Dos Equis is the only beer in North America gaining market share during the recession, Up 22%.

    I may not be able to blame you for not being able to see the future, but I think less of you nonetheless.

    • 2 poliology

      Good for Dos Equis. I even said it’s pretty damn good, better than Corona.

      I thought it was rather clear that this was humorous

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