RIP Andrew, Fun in Watching Top Chef


So, Andrew, iconoclast/workhorse/one of the few sources of entertainment on Top Chef was told to pack his knives tonight. Andrew was great, and would have made an excellent Top Chef. He had a great sense of flavor and it is now one of my dreams to eat at his restaurant, Le Cirque in NYC. Nothing really I can say politically about this, other than it shows a trend towards never going for eccentrics as serious contenders. Go home Lisa!

3 Responses to “RIP Andrew, Fun in Watching Top Chef”

  1. 1 Laura

    Top Chef is now flaccid, in the culinary sense.

  2. So glad to see Lisa flame out!

  3. 3 maynor

    me too .. am so glad that when i googled “where is andrew from top chef now” if found your blog , cuz i knew he was in NYC but couldn’t remember where.

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