Mostly, the description is in my bio and the title. But let’s talk about the reason

This is a(n) historic time. Never has there been so much news, so much goings on, media, etc… and I suppose by starting a blog I am contributing to that mess. Tragedy of the Commons, oh well. Perhaps I am just another farmer adding more cattle to a diminishing field. Thus, the irony–there have never been as many journalists, and yet newspapers everywhere are cutting staff, outsourcing, and seemingly clinging to life.

And so yes, in a way I am just another fix for the junky that is news. That being said, blogging does have its benefits (and yes, I know, so does heroin). Regardless of your stance on it, the last major news story of the 20th century was pushed through a blogger. Arianna Huffington continues to push otherwise undernoticed news stories onto Yahoo’s front page and on morning talk shows. Hell, even everyday people can blog about their everyday lives, and maybe a few of them will even be interesting.

Blogging may be journalism in its most honest form. It’d be interesting to pose to “real journalist,” if money were no object, what would you write about? If there were no journalistic code, would your stories be different?

It’s always been my contention (and by always, I mean the roughly 10 or so years I’ve really been politically conscious, starting with BJgate) that journalists have a lot more to say than they actually do. It’s nearly a fantasy actually: what would have happened if journalists actually would have challenged Bush on Iraq when doing so would have been commercial suicide? I find the correlation between the rise of the blog and the fall of Bush too strong to ignore,

It’s not all politics though, it’s our world. From my perspective, yes, our world is driven by the politics of the countries of which the world is made, but there are great zeitgeist-shifting moments that can happen far from the political arena. Blogs play a big role in chronicling those moments.

Thus, the birth of PoliOlogy, my first “blog” blog. Enjoy, contribute, share.

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